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Juan José Cervantes, is the founder and the Executive Chairperson for C Development Group,

LLC. Under this corporation he has created a conglomerate business structure, where he

established and founded and currently holds the title of CEO for the following companies: Solar

Outlet Store (SOS), Xolar Systems, Xolargy and R-Key Tech.

The Founder and CEO of XOLARGY is Jose Cervantes who has a lifelong commitment

to the environment and alternative energy. With over thirteen years experience in project

management, design and construction, Mr. Cervantes has the negotiating and organizational

ability to establish a firm financial base in California with residential and commercial solar

accounts. His long term vision of innovative solar solutions will lead XOLARGY as well as

the other C Development businesses to become established, long-term leaders in the arena

of “green” alternative energy.

Mr. Cervantes has back ground is in Architecture and Real Estate. His is a graduate from

University of California at Berkeley where he majored in Architecture from the school of

Environmental Design.

Juan Jose Cervantes

Experience and specialties.

  • Solar Technology
  • Architecture
  • Design/ Construction Management
  • Real Estate
  • Global Project Management
  • Contract/ Lease Negotiator 
  • Marketing

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