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Global warming is real, and we are the cause.

When the Last Tree Is Cut Down,
the Last Fish Eaten,
and the Last Stream Poisoned,
You Will Realize
That You Cannot Eat Money!

Although our future is uncharted and unclear; we must not loose hope. Do what you can, without hurting yourself.

The problem is misinformation. We are here to help and do our part.

Our mission: To provide knowledgeable information for true sustainable solutions using today's advancements in technology. 

We Consult, Educate, Sell,  and Service alternative energy systems which include:

Real Estate (Cervantes and Associates - Coldwell Banker)

As well as,
Construction Management
Project Management Design

Utilizing sustainable solutions:


We will help you develop a sustainable plan utilizing the most advance technological alternative energy solutions for residential and commercial projects.

We have been providing outstanding, reliable technology services to our valuable clientèle for over a decade. Let us help you design and implement a economical viable plan. The strategy is to save you money and help reduce our dependency on traditional and conventional methods of energy. In hopes to revers the effects on global warming.   In today's market, it is essential that your data is backed up and secure. Develop a network that will grow with your business. Protect your infrastructure, ideas, and investment. Call Public Technology Services today. You can't afford not to.

Our knowledgeable and friendly support representatives provide reliable service.  We design innovative solutions that make sense and makes you money.

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